More Yesterday Video Shoot Pictures


More pictures from Toni’s “Yesterday” Music Video have been released, this time by her official website I think Toni looks stunning in these pictures released, I can’t wait for the music video.

Yesterday Music Video Behind The Scenes

2 Responses to More Yesterday Video Shoot Pictures

  1. Stephanie says:

    OMG she looks beautiful I can’t wait to see this video. Bille WOODRUFF we get on our knees for you baby!!!

  2. Toni, I’ve been waiting far to long for you to impact my world all over again, hey you did that.Once again my living legand,I play all your old CD’s in my BMW-X5,I was so thrilled for the Yesterday song.Such a Beautiful Ballad,luv ya! Your BIGGEST Fan from the VIRGIN ISLANDS- Hope I can meet you one day..Keep SINGING GORGEOUS….

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