Toni Reaches Out to Usher


Toni Braxton has dueted (and locked lips) with Trey Songz already, and now the sexy songstress has her sights set on another one of R&B’s leading men.

The star of the upcoming reality show “Braxton Family Values” is planning a collaboration with Usher for her Atlantic Records debut Pulse. “I think me and Usher are gonna do something together,” she exclusively tells “Usher’s great. He’s like my brother in the business. Love, love, love him! We’re both represented by AEG [Live CEO] Randy Phillips, so Randy’s gonna definitely make it happen.”

Now she’s just waiting for Usher to jump on the record. “I did my part. I called him the Friday before the Super Bowl and said, ‘You have to hear it, Usher.’ He said, ‘I can’t hear it over the phone. After the Super Bowl I’ll hear it.’ We just haven’t connected since Sunday.”

Braxton’s sixth studio album has been pushed back from its original February date because seven out of 10 tracks leaked prior to release. She is adding new material before the rescheduled May 4 date. “It’s top secret now. They won’t even send any of the songs over the Internet. Everything has to be FedExed.”

Pulse boasts production from Lucas Secon (Britney Spears), Harvey Mason Jr. & Oak (Chris Brown), and Troy Taylor (Whitney Houston), as well as collaborations with Robin Thicke and Trey Songz (“Yesterday”).



2 Responses to Toni Reaches Out to Usher

  1. no1 fan says:

    Three words to desciribe Toni Braxton.

    Sexy ! Sexy!! Sexyy !!!

  2. Kea says:

    No doubt Toni is still needed and wanted and she’ll make great come back so just watch the space

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