Aaliyah, Still Missing You


Exactly 10 years ago, the world lost one of it’s brightest, most talented stars. Her name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton and her music and legacy still live on. Although Aaliyah was discovered at a young age, she wasn’t able to take her talent further due to her tragic death in an airplane crash in 2001. Although it’s been 10 years since the world lost Aaliyah, her music lives on and has a special place in my heart. I’m constantly listening to her timeless music. Some of my favorites include “Turn the Page”, “At Your Best (You Are Love)” and “The One I Gave My Heart To.” Watch Aaliyah’s “Miss You” music video featuring a special Toni Braxton cameo after the cut.

One Response to Aaliyah, Still Missing You

  1. LOU says:

    Recent fans of Aaliyah and Michael remember, good.
    However I have comforting news for sad fans.
    It’s more burdensome to miss someone alive and well!
    So remembering fans know; that your past beloveth’s are now in a better more peaceful place and time.
    Kindest regards to family, friends and associates.
    If you don’t know me by now…
    Sure you do…Smiles! Check this out…smiles, I top all the above!!! Heck, I miss someone I don’t even know
    now that’s OUCH!!! Ooh that’s deep man I mean woman…
    (Smiles)Do you know what my comfort is; knowing it is their LOST! I make loving fun, I make life fun! But I can also be as serious as a Heart Attack! What a combination me One in a Million! Smiles…I am so vain
    I probably think I’m talking about me…smiles!
    Actually I’m talking about how much I Miss who I miss on my one and only list. Missing you more.

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