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The R&B diva, Toni Braxton, stopped by Good Morning America to discuss her new memoir “Unbreak My Heart.”

During the short interview Toni Braxton revealed what is inside her new memoir including; her family, her abortion, her song and of course, the bankruptcy.

Video is after the jump.

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4 Responses to Good Morning America

  1. James says:

    Second single yes I hope it’s roller coaster

  2. Johanna Collins says:

    Thanks Toni Braxton for coming back to sing, love your voice and love love love Braxton Family values, and your mother Mrs Evelyn I think shes a great mom so keep treating her with care I know u all love Mom died sept 10 2013, saddess day of my life all of a sudden I wish I still had her here with me, and Toni I also suffer with SLE Lupus for 24yrs now and missing my my mom my symtoms are worse. so keep up The Good work you you do with autism and Lupus,singing,family time and most of all taking care your mom.Be Blessed Toni Braxton.Love Johanna Collins. oh and great book.

  3. Johanna Collins says:

    Love your Book Toni Braxton and Im Glad you are singing your work with autism and lupus and your family.And I love love Braxton Family Values and I love Mrs Evelyn and how yall look after her. my mom died sept 10 2013 saddest day of my life and im still dealing with it cause she died so suddenly and on top of that I have SLE Lupus for past 24yrs. And since she past my Lupus has been worse, I miss her so much, so I love watching u all with Mrs Evelyn keep taking care of her and yourself and family. Be Blessed.Oh Love your movie on Lifetime do more Johanna Collins

  4. Alisha Lindsey says:

    Toni Braxton is by far my favorite entertainer I would like to thank her for her beautiful voice and for letting us her fans get to know the family they are also great, in 2008 I got married and I planned my honeymoon at the flamingo just to see her was so sad to hear about her illness.So glad to we Toni redeem herself GOD is good Hope to one get to see her perform much love from your fav fan!!!

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